Ethics, Policies, Disclosures, and Legal Stuff 


I only write about resorts, hotels, trips, products, and experiences that I would recommend to my friends.  If I had a bad time or something wasn’t as advertised, then I either say that or not cover them.  I will never say I liked a product, experience, or resort that I didn’t. EVER.

Occasionally, I am asked to write about a product, service, or experience for which I am paid, given for free, or in some way compensated.  These sponsored posts might include information or content (which I will double check) given to me.  However, I am the one writing and editing the posts.  I only feature posts and products that I think will add value or be enjoyed in some way to YOU- my reader.  I will always disclose when I have worked in partnership with others.



All links to external sites are included to be helpful and enhance your reader experience.  This is done so you can easily find what I am talking about so you don’t have to search or Google it.


Affiliate Links:

Some links are affiliate links (for example, linking to some travel products).  You get the same experience clicking on this link as if you went directly on your own, i.e. prices are the same.  The difference is that I make a small commission when you click on the links.  This is very much appreciated. ?


Amazon Links:

Posts may also include links to products.  I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program,  an affiliate advertising program. As a participant, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Let’s face it, we all order a ton from Amazon, at least this way, I can point you to amazing products without you having to hunt for it! Thanks for clicking and shopping! ?


Paid links:

Some other links may be paid links, in which a brand has asked us to include a link to their site.  I do not do this for products I don’t like, are of poor quality in my opinion, or I generally wouldn’t use. I do clearly disclose when I have partnered with a company that wants to let you know about their product, business, or service.


Media Trips: 

It’s nice when our travels are partially or fully hosted!  I mean who doesn’t want to travel to awesome places for free?!  As a travel blogger, I accept press trips and media support from airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tourist boards, and tour operators.  They DO NOT pay me for travel stories or posts.  All words, edits, opinions, etc are my own. Bottom line- I’m never going to say I liked something that I didn’t, or tell you to buy something that I wouldn’t.


Code of Ethics:

Consistent with the generally accepted practices and codes of ethics of most member organizations I do not provide positive stories in exchange for media support.  As i stated earlier- I always retain complete editorial control over the words, stories, and viewpoints.  Thanks for reading!