Ultimate Packing List for Iceland

Iceland is the land of fire and ice with stunning glaciers, waterfalls, and hot springs.  Visitors will have an amazing trip here, but the weather can be unpredictable and change rapidly.  Be comfortable and ready for anything by packing these items.

1. Raincoat

It rains frequently and without warning throughout the year. Also, when visiting the waterfalls, there will be lots of mist and water in the air. Buy a bright color like This one and your photos will really pop.


2. Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots are a must in Iceland. Do not bring water resistant- very different! Your feet will be wet and cold and you will be miserable.  Glacier Lagoon is one of Iceland’s highlights- don’t miss the zodiac boat tour.  You’ll definitely want them here and Diamond Beach- and if you try my new sport of iceberg surfing.


3. A Good Backpack

You should really have one of these no matter where you travel. Whether you are taking off and putting on layers, bringing, snacks, cameras and reusable water bottles this back pack has a compartment to hold everything.  This American Shield  Backpack is truly the best I’ve ever owned.


Women’s puffy coat

4. Puffy Coat

It will keep you warm, and is easily packable.  Iceland can experience all four seasons in one day, be ready. You can find a great women’s puffy coat Here

5. Hat

Have I mentioned it can get cold and windy? Stay warm in a packable hat like This one


6. Leggings

I live in leggings no matter what country I am in or the time of year.  They are great in any weather and perfect for trekking through the land of fire and ice.  Get a pair of Spanx leggings like these

7. Bathing Suit

Yes! Bring your bathing suit to Iceland!  There are hot springs all over the country, with the Blue Lagoon being the most famous.  I would go back for the spa at the Retreat alone.


8. Wool Socks

Iceland is an outdoor lovers paradise.  Whether its winter or summer you still need good wool socks to be worn with your hiking boots. Cotton will get wet from your foot sweat and your socks will stay wet and cold. No good. Good news is, if you forget them, you can buy them literally everywhere in Iceland.

Do you have everything? Check it off here:

– fleece lined leggings, one pair per day.

-jeans, 2 pairs

– wool socks

-waterproof boots

– hiking boots

-rain coat

-sweaters, at least one per day

-layers for dressing

– hat

-gloves with e-tip

-bathing suit

-puffy coat

-camera, backpack, electronic needs

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