Work With Me

Martinis and Miles reaches a sophisticated audience of travelers passionate about unique adventures and a zest for life.  I help spotlight brands, destinations, and special experiences.

What Do I Write About?

  • Destination Guides:  I try to bring every destination alive to readers.  I want them to connect with destinations and help tailor experiences for happy memories years to come.  I use my own stories interspersed with failures to give the best practical travel advice.
  • Luxury Travel:  I write about  sumptuous experiences and resorts for the professional and affluent traveler.  I spotlight high end resorts that set the standard for luxury and customer service.
  • Eco-Tourism: Wildlife and the environment are passions of mine, and I seek out responsible companies who bring native wildlife closer in a respectful way.  I look for companies who desire to protect the world’s treasures in a non exploitative manner.
  • Adventure Travel: I write articles for adventure enthusiasts who want to experiences adrenaline pumping new frontiers. Its no secret to anyone who follows me that I am total klutz, and often my ideas result in major fails- but hopefully my readers will learn (or at least do it better) and have an awesome time with some pretty great tales to tell. (also- get some trip insurance)
  • Desserts: Vacations are for splurging.  Thats why we work so hard the rest of the time right? Whether its upgrading to a suite or looking for a decadent dessert, I’m all about treat yo’self.  Someone’s gotta do it right?
  • Girlfriend Getaways:  When all you want to do is grab your squad and a bottle (or several) of champagne, we have the best recommendations for you.  Tired of the same old trip? We have the best ideas you never thought of to relax with your best friends and have the time of your lives-whether that’s in the sky, on the beach, or below the waves.

For press, media, and collaboration inquires please contact Laney@martinisandmiles.com3BBB8888-CEA8-44D4-BC22-BF6105DFE273