Australia Beaches and Islands Bucket List Adventures

Great Barrier Reef Australia

Barrier Reef from the Air

View of Heart Reef from the Air


Heart Reef from the Air

We began our stay at Hamilton Island Beach Club  which was nothing short of impressive. Staff members were waiting for us at the airport, brought us by private transfer to a comfortable check in lounge (not waiting in line behind movie theater like velvet ropes in a cavernous lobby) and handed us each colorful tropical (best part* alcoholic) drinks.  Everything here was just what you would expect from paradise to the fruity concoctions, lush greenery, and crystal blue water.

It was the perfect for honeymooners. In fact, that’s pretty much most of what we saw- too bad I was there with with my best girl friend.  That’s right- there’s a space there. I’m all about letting people make their own life choices, but this island has a decidedly romantic bent.

Our room was right on the beach which is where we wanted to be. First  thing we did was try out the kayaks. There were so many fun water activities to choose from, and no lines or waits.  I guess the honeymooners all choose other activities.

Seafood Dinner at Mariners didn’t disappoint and we were ready for day two.

Day Two:


We decided to try our hand at Marlin fishing and chartered the Renegade for a half day trip. I like to fish in Florida where I grew up, so perhaps I had some unfair expectations. We caught one fish all day. ONE.  One more than if I stayed on the beach drinking those fruity drinks they like to bring us that are so strong. I wouldn’t bother doing this again.

I walked around the island quite a bit, it reminded me of Australia’s Hawaii. It was peaceful and gorgeous. I loved every minute here.


Day Three- GREAT BARRIER REEF ???????

We booked a full day about the Fantasea to Hardy Reef. It was amazing, one of the highlights of my life.  Again, I am such an idiot for going in the chockablock (Aussies did I do that right) middle of winter.  The water was freezing.  I would love to come back and do it again when the water is warmer.  I wore a half wetsuit AND and jelly suit that was not necessary just because I was cold.  I dove the reef, snorkelled, rode in a mini submarine under water and helicoptered home.  The helicopter was amazing.  It was teeny, and looked like a bumblebee. It was just the pilot and I, and he was able to fly low.  We saw sea turtles, whales and manta rays.  If you have the opportunity to do this- do not hesitate!!!

Get a good underwater camera, I was continually taking pictures.  The fish were so friendly, in fact it was hard to take photos because they would get literally between me and my camera. They had no fear of people whatsoever.  There was a rather famous very large wrasse named Wally who always came over to make friends. He was about a hundred pounds.  Most of the fish would let you touch them if you wanted- DO NOT DO THIS. Please remember they are very delicate and to always respect them, and its probably illegal anyway.

This day was the best part of the whole trip, and I would love to do something like this again sometime.  This is a true bucket list adventure.

Underwater image taken while diving the Great Barrier Reef

Sunrise on the Whitsunday Islands

Infiniti Pool and View of water

This little friend showed up and I ended up sharing my lunch

Great Barrier Reef underwater


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