Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Humpback Whale Mom and Calf spotted on tour

Swim Up Bar at the Sheraton

Frankly, who doesn’t want to see a giant pineapple?

Palazzo Versace

The gorgeous Sheraton Gold Coast

This was the actually the first stop on our “down under” adventure.  We arrived after 3 days of traveling looking and feeling a bit like zombies.  I’m not positive, but the pharmaceutical aids we took on the plane could have played a role in this…?

Thankfully being the high maintenance bitch that I am, we were met at the airport by a stretch limousine and whisked away to the Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast on the Gold Coast, about 90 minutes away.

After check in, an embarassingly large breakfast buffet and wandering the hotel for a minute -OMG we had a swim up bar!!!- we limped over to the Golden Door Spa to be brought back to life. I honestly think this was the best massage of my life.

I often joke that my life is a serious of dubious decisions and my tombstone will read something like “She knew better but did it anyway” or “She finally paid the price for her reckless ways” but this trip (specifically this massage at this point in time) was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

That evening we boarded a sunset whale watching tour in Surfers Paradise. PSA** Bring your seasickness meds.  I did not and I threw up while photographing the newborn baby humpback whale that swam directly under the boat with its mom. Fail.

Today we went to Dreamworld.  First thing, we had a “tiger walk”. Yes, we legit walked a full grown tiger around the park before it opened on a leash like a do my puppy.  His name was Mohan, and he was amazing, mellow, and so well behaved.  We were in love and took a billion pics.  DO THIS !!!!!! ???????

Dreamworld Tiger Walk

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, we got to meet and play with their baby tiger cubs.  They are a very reputable zoo in Australia, in fact, the head keeper over there came from San Diego.  This is something only a few people get to do occasionally to raise money for the program. (Also, laws are different over there, but you will still sign waivers) ???

They are also the subject of some Animal Planet Documentaries if interested. I think its called “Awesome Pawsome”

Afternoon: Lounging around our beach resort while having a few beverages…

For dinner we made reservations (key) at the Palazzo Versace.  Versace has their own castle like hotel down the block.  Very pretty, great food, great interior design, and of course, a Versace boutique. *** Fun thing to do- we bought cookbooks and had them signed by the chef.  Ive never made anything from it, mostly because my idea of cooking making reservations, but its still a nice souvenir.

Day 4:

Shopping in Surfers Paradise- bought all the souvenirs in Australia.  Not even kidding when I had to mail a package home.  FROM OUR FIRST STOP.  The food was really good, even in little sandwich places. I’m very sorry, I never did come around to the veggemite though.  It’s just foul.

Days highlight- Surfing Lesson at the Horan Surf School ?‍♀️?‍♀️ ?

They guarantee you get up or your lesson is free, and is taught by pro  surfers.  I figured no way, and mine would be free and I would get some eye candy to boot.  I did get the eye candy, and shockingly, at the very end I got up!  It was so hard and I was so bad I thought they were going to have to call Sea World Mammal Rescue a few times but I made it and I loved it.  I can’t wait to take another.  I think that was also the most tired that I have ever been in my whole life. ???‍♀️



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