Ambling Through Amsterdam

Do you ever feel like when you go to a new city you have to wake up at the crack of dawn and go 90 miles an hour to try and see everything? I’m totally guilty of that, I overschedule myself and my family constantly.

There are many things to do and see in Amsterdam, but its a city that encourages a leisurely adventure.

Walk the Canals- The heart of Amsterdam is a series of canals with picturesque bridges, boats, and houseboats.  As you wander the streets, you will notice that flowers seem to erupt from everywhere, making the city feel like a garden everywhere.  In the spring they acually have a tulip fesitval.  Check out the floating flower markets.  Have a cup of coffee in one of Amsterdam’s many coffee shops- just be careful what you order as they sell THC edibles there as well.  You might get quite a surprise.

Heineken Brewery-  The brewery is really large with many interactive exhibits, photo spots, even a ride- oh yeah and lots and lots of beer.  Every visitor gets 3 pints of beer included with admission.  ??? They also have a beer garden/ restaurant where you can purchase more if you want later. It’s a pretty great strategy, get you drunk, send you through the gift shop- I came home with several Heineken items, and my friend bought a full Heineken dress. ?

Anne Frank Haus- See where Anne Frank and her family spent years hiding from the Nazi’s in an attic.  It’s so incredibly moving and sad.  Beware: the stairs are really steep, more ladder than stairs.

Rijksmuseum- This beautiful art museum is situated on a park that is perfect for walking around after.  Skip the line at the museum by buying tickets online ahead of time.  This museum holds some incredible works including Rembrant’s The Night Watch.

Van Gogh Museum-  This beautiful space is full of light and displays a large collection dedicated to honoring the life and works of this tortured artist.  He famously cut off his ear and sent it to his lover.  You can see his Impressionist works and learn more about his career.

Red Light District- In Amsterdam, prostitution is legal and closely regulated.  Each professional has a boutique style storefront in which they lounge in sultry poses out front displaying the goods so to speak. Customers can walk by then inquire about services, should they agree on price, they can go in the back area to, um, fulfill the contract. I went wandering through the red light district and I asked one of the professionals if I could pay them for a photo.  She got so offended it was funny.  It’s completely fine to have sex with strangers for money, but me paying for a photo of her storefront was insulting. ?

I encourage anyone to visit Amsterdam in any season.  It was so lovely, and it seemed every corner was an Instagram shot.  I would love to go back some day.

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  1. Jackie

    July 25, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Makes me want to go there!

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