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One Day in LA

One night in LA and the world’s your oyster… ok so the song is about Bangkok but whatever.

If you only have one day to check out LA then here are the 5 things you need to do: (besides plan for traffic! Always plan for traffic!)

1. Have brunch in Melrose. There are tons of restaurants in this stylish area, and comparatively its not quite as crowded as its neighbors. After brunch you can do a spot of shopping in this cool-girl- vibe area.  Hit Rag and Bone, Theory, and Louboutin just to name a few.

2. Cruise through Hollywood.  Check out Mann’s Chinese Theater, Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard.  Check out the stars on the sidewalk, but be prepared for tons of people everywhere. Stop for a drink or take a stroll around, if nothing else the people watching is fantastic.  Keep your camera out for some great pics.

3. Tour Paramount Studios- be a star for a day and steps behind the scenes of the silver screen.  Sit on Forrest Gump’s famous bench, hold an Oscar, see the Hollywood sign.  Stroll through a New York street, see behind the scenes of your fave TV show and take a tour through only true “Hollywood” studio.

4. Shop on Rodeo Drive- Just the name evokes the scene from pretty woman, the highest of high end shopping, bring your black card and rolls, or maybe just window shop. *Tip* It is gorgeous at Christmas, everything is decorated beautifully, and Frank Sinatra singing Christmas carols is playing on hidden speakers in the foliage.

5. Go to the beach! Hermosa, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica are all gorgeous with eclectic little boutiques and street art.  Did I mention the beach? There is sunshine, sand, and the salty breeze.  It’s hard to beat- and if thats not enough for you, there are tons of tasty restaurants everywhere you go.

Enjoy your time in the City of Angels.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  LA is land of fantasy, and there are so many things to do that you could spend 6 months there and not see half.

*Tip* Public bathrooms are surprisingly rare in LA.  Plan your hydration accordingly.

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