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Guide to Tampa’s Best Street Murals

Beautiful Tampa Bay is located on the central west coast of Florida.  It’s a historic city with amazing seafood, world class beaches, with a pirate flair.  Seriously- every year at Gasparilla, pirates invade and retake the city with a huge party and parade.

If you are visiting Tampa for the first or tenth time, you need to go to the Tampa Heights area and check out some seriously fun street murals.

City of Tampa Postcard Mural

Located on Florida Avenue

City of Tampa Postcard Mural

This colorful mural is located on the side of a building with a convenient parking lot you can pull into (and out of traffic) for perfect photos.  The Postcard mural is was painted by Carl Cowden and each of the letters that spell out Tampa are landmarks of the city.  For instance the “A” is the Gasparilla Pirate ship that invades this city every year.


The Blue Smile (my name for it)

Located next to the Hall on Franklin

Great Big Blue Smile

This mural is on a roll down door by @saintpantart and I can’t help but smile when I see it.  It looks like a friendly reptile with an amazing dentist.  Located right by the entrance to Hall on Franklin.


Lady Gaga

Located next to the Hall on Franklin

Bad Romance

The not 10 feet down from the big blue monster is a colorful and life-like Gaga that will have you singing Bad Romance all day long.


Woodworking Wizard of Oz

North Franklin Street

Woodworking Wizard of Oz

Quite a few artisans and woodworking studios are located in this area and this is their spin on a classic.


Café Hey Murals

1540 N Franklin St

On the side of this great café are a few murals.  There are the angry birds, colorful creatures, and my favorite cat faces.

Crazy Cat Lady Wall

Angry Birds

You really think you know me?

Colorful Animals

After you finish taking pictures, stop by the Hall on Franklin for some pretty great food from a variety of restaurants. My favorite are the street tacos from Xilo and the sleazy brownie from Baken Babes.



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