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17 Photos To Inspire Your Visit To Exumas, Bahamas

Want to a see the some of the bluest, clearest water in the world? Sugary white sand beaches? Swim with the pigs?  If you are visiting the Exumas, Bahamas read on for photographic inspiration of things to do.

For an unforgettable holiday, here are 17 photos that are sure to inspire you to have an amazing time and create life long memories.

In the clear blue water holding a baby piglet

Swimming pigs are the most famous attraction when visiting the Exumas.  The babies are on shore, and learn to swim as they get older.


Dock of Compass Cay surrounded by sharks

Compass Cay is a private marina in the Exumas where many friendly nurse sharks are located.


Blending in with the locals at piggy beach

Mermaid Statute by Rudder Cay, which is David Copperfields private island.  There many underwater sculptures in the waters of the Exumas.  The water is clear and very easy to snorkel.

Chat N Chill, the famous bar located on Stocking Island. All the animals are friendly, even the stingrays come up to the shore looking for a hand out.


The swimming pigs will come right up to your boat.  They are well taken care of, and well fed. They even have regular vet visits.


Sharky Snuggles- the nurse sharks are compass cay are famously friendly.  The are perfectly happy some some respectful attention.


Feeding Stingrays at Chat N Chill

Feeding the Stingrays at Chat N Chill, Exumas are famously friendly.  They are used to people hand feeding them conch and will often come up the shore looking for a snack.  Give them a rub!


If you are lucky when you visit the swimming pigs, you might get to see very sweet little piglets.

Grande Isle Resort  Beach


Seeing the pigs can be done on a day trip that will include Compass Cay and lunch.

They were so sweet.  I really loved Compass Cay.


Is there anything cuter that a baby pig?


Underwater Mermaids

Another view of the beach at Chat N Chill in Exumas, Bahamas.


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