Sounds of Silence Dinner in Uluru, Australia

Legend has it that Uluru is a spiritual and sacred place to the Aboriginal people of Australia.  Uluru is their name what many people also refer to as “Ayers Rock”

It rises majestically out of the desert, and changes color with the changing of the light. I would recommend seeing it a different times of the day to capture this, but more on that later.

Uluru is beautiful from every angle, but it shines at sunset. The best way to see it, and experience the majesty of the area is the Sounds of Silence Tour at sunset.  This is approximately a 3 hour tour and camel ride while hearing the history of the land and its people. If you go in the winter (like I did) be sure to dress extra warmly, as it can get very cold.

We watched the sunset from a hill while being served drinks and canapés. These included crocodile, kangaroo, and veggie sushi rolls. It felt quite decadent.  I had never tried any of those meats and expect I never will again, but it was very interesting.

Dinner was buffet style after dark and included and astronomer a didgeridoo (no I didn’t just sneeze, that’s a real thing) player.

As the night closed in, we sat around the campfire watching the land and the mountain, it is easy to see why the Aborigines believe this is a sacred place.

It was a fabulous tour and I highly recommend, and it can be booked through your hotel.


Sunset on the Sounds of Silence Tour


Dusk at Ayers Rock

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