“You want Lamb Penis!” Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing

Does anyone remember watching the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone? Her favorite expression was that she was “totally buggin’ ”

Welcome to the weirdest, wildest, grossest, night market ever. The Donghuamen Night Market. Picture a Chinese version of Times Square, wide open pedestrian streets and lights everywhere. The street is lined with hundreds of stalls of food carts ranging from exotic and tasty to weird to downright gross.

The first thing we noticed were the bugs.  And boy were there bugs.  The Orkin mans dream, or nightmare, not sure which one. Cockroaches, worms, crickets, and by God, yes scorpions. Each worker is aggressively hawking their wares as we walked by mouths agape.

As we walked out of the bug section into another section, my friend nudged me, giggled, and pointed at the sign that largely proclaimed “LAMB PENIS”. At that moment, the owner starts asking/ yelling “you want lamb penis? You need lamb penis!  You buy lamb penis! Lamb penis sooo good!”  As tried not to collapse in laughter, we ran the other direction.

We enjoyed the Night Market and spent the evening wandering around, and even tried some weird things (scorpions), I have to admit, some parts were incredibly sad to this animal lover. Be prepared and try to remember their culture is different.

SPOILER ALERT: Scorpions do NOT taste like chicken

Do Not Miss

1. Scorpions

2. Cockroaches

3. Snakes

4. Lamb Penis!

5. Centipedes

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