Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors

In 1974 a group of peasants were digging a well and found some pottery and relics.  Those bits of pottery turned out to be the legendary terra cotta army from 221 BC of China’s first emporer.

We traveled from Beijing to Xi’an- airports in China are so much better than American airports- for a quick day and half trip just to see the warriors and museum.

You don’t need a lot of time to explore, because there really isn’t much to do in Xi’an after you see the museum.

We checked in the Sheraton Xi’an and headed over.  After buying our tickets, we walked through the museum which had many beautifully preserved and impressive relics.  It really was worth seeing.  It’s mind blowing to think that all of this was made in 221 BC and is still pretty much intact. I cant even keep a computer 5 years anymore.

Finally we made it to the big warehouse type area with the ongoing excavation of the tomb and the warriors. It was stunning.  Imagine and area larger than a football field, all in various stages of excavation, with piles of dirt everywhere.  I find it strange that it has taken this long to continue the process of unearthing this tomb. You can get very close, and so much is unprotected. It’s a photographers dream, with many many impressive shots. Give me an IPhone 7 Plus and a coffee and I’ll catch you in a few hours.  Below are just a few of the shots.

We headed back to Beijing for one last night before we had catch our flight back to the US.  We were upgraded to the most amazing suite at the St. Regis Beijing. One of the top 5  rooms I’ve stayed in. Thanks!

Business Class home on United was a must! Fab! Lay flat beds! I slept the whole way.

Terra Cotta Army

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