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Why every fashionista should go to NYC Fashion Week at least once!

Going to Fashion Week in New York had always been on my bucket list.  I love fashion and thing that couture can be a work of art.  If you are interested in fashion, you HAVE to go to Fashion Week at least once.  The biggest lesson I learned was… I totally need to go again.

Here’s how our foray into the fashion world went down…

My friend and I decided to hit the September shows pretty early in the year, and started making travel arrangements early.  I was able to score a pretty good room at the Waldorf Astoria and got a sweet deal on a flight thanks to a Southwest fare sale- ha!  However, the schedule of the shows and ticket availabilities are surprisingly last minute.  It was only shortly before that I even was able to confirm our reservation.  This caused me some stress and heartburn to be sure.

The Waldorf was gorgeous and felt like the grand dame of New York society. The large marble entry was staffed by immaculately uniformed and starch doormen, I felt like I was walking into another era. *Sidenote- the Waldorf is currently closed and undergoing a massive renovation

We were in Manhattan for Fashion Week and our credit cards were burning holes in (my case Valentino) our purses. Naturally we made a beeline for the Mother Ship. Bergdorf’s. We arrived on sacred ground, and headed to the restaurant for a rather large afternoon tea/ lunch. We happily buried ourselves in shopping for the rest of the day, until it was time for dinner at Il Mulino.

Il Mulino is a famous Italian restaurant that now has gone global.  We ate dinner in the original location which was dark and intimate.  Several presidents and numerous celebrities have dined here before us.  I think we may have ordered the entire left side of the menu, and every dish was more tasty than the one before it.  We managed to roll ourselves out.

The first show we went to Christian Sirano.  It was in a warehouse type building but full of celebrities wearing his line.  We managed to get 4th row center seats and had a prime viewing position for not only the clothes, but to see the other show- all the celebrities trying to jockey for position and air kiss each other.  Thoroughly entertaining.

The show itself was brilliant and the clothes were stunning.  I absolutely loved it, and took video and photos the whole time.  Christian Sirano is a fashion genius who got his start by becoming the youngest winner ever of Project Runway and has never looked back.

Afterwards, we headed to Lauderee for some afternoon tea and of course dessert.  Afternoon tea is wonderful and is served in a garden, where I felt as if I stepped into Paris.

Next it was time to hit parties- first we headed to Banana Republic for an invitation only private shopping event to shop the collection they had debuted on the runway moments ago.  Handsome gentlemen handed us champagne, while a DJ spun in the shoe salon.  After a few purchases we headed for the next party.  It was for an up and coming designer we had gone to school with and therefore managed to wrangle and invite.  His name is Timo.  We had a killer time at the cocktail party and were even given free swag.

We managed to hoof it to Mr. Chow’s for dinner.  This is probably my favorite restaurant in Miami and New York did not disappoint. Get the lobster vermicelli- its life changing.

Next day was a large brunch at the Bull and Bear, then down to the financial district for Timo’s show.  It was a viewing of his collection and couldn’t be prouder of him.  It was in a gallery with us viewing the collection from above paired with a large projection screen of images and music.  Samsung was on hand debuted their new virtual reality system as well.

Our weekend was far too short, and next time we are going to hit more shows (although tickets are super expensive beware).  We had a fabulous time and was worthy bucket list item.

We managed to do a lot of eating, shopping, and even more walking around the city.  It really is beautiful and so full of culture, but let’s get real- LaGuardia sucks.


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    September 10, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Great article. Live reading it. Very engaging.

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