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Nashville’s Best Street Art

So you may or may not have woken up this morning and thought to yourself, I’d like to take a goofy picture in front of a wall painted wacky colors.  If you did- you are totally in the right place, if you didn’t – then live a little and have some fun! Or a shot of fireball first, I’m not here to judge, and check out some of Nashville’s best street art.

Nashville is a great town, and not just because you drink at 10am without judgment (although that’s pretty awesome).  It has a lot of neighborhoods with their own distinct flavor.  Hipster? Head to East Nashville. Trendy or a foodie? Gulch is where its at.  Live music? Downtown, natch.  Love sweets and cute boutiques? Make your way to the 12thSouth neighborhood.

A fun (and free) thing to do here is find some really fun street art and take a pic by it!  Throw it up on your feed, or if you are not so techie, on a holiday card. Check out these fun places.

  1. I Believe in Nashville Mural (12thSouth Neighborhood next to Draper James)

If you didn’t take your picture here, were you really even in Nashville? This usually tops everyone’s list, and almost always has a line no matter the time.  The side benefit is its right next to Draper James (Reese Witherspoons shop) which has some pretty striped walls as well.

Pro Tip:  If you cant abide lines, there is another I believe in Nashville mural in East Nashville that NEVER has a line.  It’s on Woodland Street and 9thAvenue by the We Work building. Bonus: lots of other fun art here too.


  1. Angel Wings (Gulch Neighborhood)

The other favorite, and with good reason.  It’s ginormous, detailed, and very cool. It usually has a line, but so does everything else in the Gulch.  There is also a small angel wings mural perfectly sized for a furry friend should you be so inclined.

Pro Tip: Take a couple friends and have one person stand in line for brunch at Biscuit Love while the other take angel pics.


  1. Sweet Life

Baked on 8th(8thAve) and Five Daughters donuts (12thSouth Neighborhood)

As a hopeless sugar addict, I function on caffeine, dry shampoo, and baked goods. Five daughters is a donut/cronut shop that is cute as a button and has the most decadent donuts ever.  I had to take a nap after my chocolate sea salt one and sleep it off.  For the men, they make donuts with bacon on it. Seriously.

Baked on 8thmakes an assortment of ridiculously tasty delights.  Snap a pic pre belly, then go in an order the coconut cream pie.



  1. Color Explosion (11thAve)

This Nashville street art might be my favorite one, the colors are vivid and its HUGE.  It’s just wild and fun, like my 22 year old self still wishes I was.


  1. City Graffiti Wall (Inside Barry’s Boot Camp in the Gulch)

Funky Hollywood vibe, and best of all they have a socialite lighting selfie machine ready for you!

  1. Flowers (12thSouth Neighborhood, outside of Green Pea Salon)

Located on the side of the building, opposite the Make Love Not War mural.



Nashville Peace Sign (12thand Dallas, Corner Music)

Colorful, pretty and wide!  Who put the neighborhood watch sign in the middle of it?!


  1. Pizza Wings (behind Pizza Perfect in Hillsboro Village

This one is actually pretty new.  There is a big one, and a smaller one for your mini.  Pizza here is really good too.


There new murals going up all the time, and they are all more detailed and colorful than the last.  You could spend a week in this city taking pictures of them all.  Be sure and tag me so I can check them out too!

Here are a other great ones around town!


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