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Why Bora Bora Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

For all you water babies out there, Bora Bora should be at the top of your bucket list. It has the most incredible crystal clear, blue water I’ve ever seen in the world. Bora Bora is also the home of the legendary over water bungalow you’ve probably seen splashed all over instagram.


Bora Bora is nestled in a group of islands in the South Pacific, part of French Polynesia. The island of Bora Bora itself sits in a protected lagoon home to a myriad of exceedingly friendly aquatic creatures. In order to access this paradise, one must fly to Tahiti, then take a smaller flight to Bora Bora. The airport sits on a small island which was man made during World War 2, and each resort picks its guests up in a boat to ferry them to their individual properties.

Overwater Bungalows

Virtually all properties in Bora Bora have over water accommodations. We stayed in a beautiful bungalow with stunning sunrise views of the lagoon, but also had glass panels in the floor. We could get up in the morning, sit on our deck with coffee, or jump off into the lagoon for a dip in the afternoon. There is nothing like this paradise anywhere else. Seriously. I’m sure this winter, I’m going to be wondering why we left and if they need any island lawyers.

Shark and Ray Safari

This was by far my favorite activity on our trip. We went with Moana Tours, and it was the experience of a lifetime. My husband and I were picked up at the resort by Moana on a beautiful day, and rode out to a spot in the lagoon that was about waist deep. I swam up close with black tip sharks my size, lemon sharks that were up to 10 feet, and the friendliest rays you’ve ever seen.
PSA: sharks are NOT mindless killers, they were very respectful of all of us, and at no time did I feel afraid. I support Fin Free and I would encourage all of you to as well. If the sharks were respectful, the rays were basically large sea puppies. They swam up to us and wanted attention immediately, even enjoying a rub down from us.
We visited 3 spots, the first with many sharks and rays in waist deep water, the second, was a beautiful coral reef, and the third was another spot for large sharks.
The coral garden was incredible. There was a large variety of friendly fish, colorful coral, and even an eel or two. I could have explored every nook and cranny for hours. The water was warm, clear, and virtually no current. Bora Bora is perfect for those who are necessarily the strongest of swimmers.
The third spot we visited was the deepest of all, approx 50 feet. It was deep blue water, with large sharks just hanging out. There were probably 50 sharks in the water just doing their shark thing. Really, an incredible experience.

Jet Ski Tour

If you love the water, and are an adrenaline junkie, this activity is perfect for you. We took a 90 minute tour of the island and the lagoon on a high speed jet ski. For extra fun, strap on a Go Pro ; The tour circumnavigated the island, stopping twice. Once to swim, and once for fresh coconuts on an uninhabited island (or motu as the locals refer to it). Water shoes are a must!


Whale Watching

From July to October, its whale season in Bora Bora. Pilot whales, humpback whales, and more can be seen regularly. We headed out to view them on a beautiful 23 foot boat with a sun lounger in the front. While touring the island looking for whales, we saw two gorgeous pods of dolphins who seemed to delight in playing around the boat and in its wake.


Other Activities

I cant say it enough, Bora Bora is paradise, especially for those who love to be in and around the water.  We stayed at St. Regis Bora Bora gave us complimentary snorkeling gear, paddle boarding, and kayaks for the length of our stay which was amazing!! If you are more the lazy type, hammocks, lounge chairs, and world class Polynesian massages are at your fingertips.

If you come back from this trip stressed then there is just no help for you.?

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