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Things to Know Before You Visit White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona

Visiting White Pocket in Vermillion Cliffs AZ: Everything you need to know to have an amazing hike!


White Pocket isn’t near anything

White Pocket isn’t near anything. Like at all.  It’s very far into Vermillion Cliffs and adjacent to Coyote Butte National Park. Getting there requires a dedicated effort and basically half a day’s drive.  From Page, it’s roughly two and half hours each way with the first 40-50 miles on interstate then the rest of the drive on sand/dirt roads.  You should not attempt this drive without a guide and 4 wheel drive.  I saw another couple that got stuck and were walking.  That’s a long way to walk.  If you are staying in Kanab, Utah it’s roughly 90 minutes and you can meet a guide at the Paria Contact Station.

Use a Guide

I cannot stress this one enough.  It would be dangerous to do this hike on your own as a first time visitor.  The way is not marked and there are many forks and twists in the road, it would be very easy to get lost.  I used Grand Circle Tours (ask for Oki) and I had the best time.  I was picked up at my hotel lobby in a luxury SUV and we headed out for our adventure.  There is no cell service in the area, so be sure your guide has a satellite phone in case of an emergency.

Bring Water (and snacks)

This may seem like a no brainer, but bring a bunch of water and remember to actually drink it.  White Pocket is a playground for adults with places to hike, climb, and dangle off cliffs. It’s easy to forget how hot it actually is. Don’t be the tourist that falls out.  White Pocket is also a great place to have a picnic (just remember to bring your trash back out with you).  Grand Circle Tours provided me with lunch, snacks, and water.  It was one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever had.


Plan where to pee

So I get this sounds weird. But it’s a long drive and actual restroom facilities are few and far between. Think maybe 40 minutes away.  If you have to pee at all, then do it at the entrance to White Pocket.  That’s is the only place with trees/ bushes large enough to give you (especially the ladies) privacy.  When you are actually on White Pocket there is no where to go. Just wide open spaces.


White Pocket is an amazing destination not to be missed, and you will love it with some planning.  I hope you go and have a great time!  Be sure to tag me in your photos!


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  1. Jacqueline S Heard

    May 28, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Love the article. Can’t wait to visit it..

  2. Kelly Young

    May 21, 2019 at 8:36 am

    Great post with solid tips and info. Not a well known location at all and the great pics help sell it!

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