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Chicago’s Street Mural Scene

Chicago is a city with as many moods as neighborhoods. The weather can be unpredictable- freezing one day, gale force winds the next. When then weather is good (or just not terrible) it’s a great place to be. It also has a hot street mural scene. Beware, there is always something new and fresh and murals are being put up and taken down at light speed. Here are a few of the ones that I loved. Visit them quick because they won’t be up long! The city of Chicago maintains a list of murals, which you can find Here

1. Pastel Butterfly Wall

2912 Milwaukee

This wall was my absolute favorite. The colors are bold and bright with crisp lines. It really photographs well and looks great with everything!

2. Greetings from Chicago Wall

2236 N Milwaukee

This wall is ginormous. Bring a wide angle lens to photograph this wall properly. Each letter portrays a signature element of Chicago. The letters take cute pics individually or all together. Pro tip- get the whole squad together for a group photo! This mural is in a gravel parking lot so beware of other cars blocking the shot.

3. Cheshire Cat Wall

1172 N Milwaukee

This wall is also super big, however its really tall instead of wide. Its on the side of a vet clinic (very appropriate) in a dodgy area. Its also in a vet parking lot so there is a decent chance a car may partially block it. Its worth seeing with deep tones of blue and purple. You’ll use the wide angle lens but for the vertical height.

4. Flamingo Wall

2601 W Division St

This is one of TWO large flamingo walls (the other is at the Rum Club not far from the Hard Rock Café). This one is a fun scene with multiple flamingos and other birds in a tropic setting. Take flamingo pics, but don’t sleep on the other birds!

5. Moroccan Tile Fountain

300 N Central Park Ave (in the Garfield Park Conservatory)

Ok so maybe I cheated with this one since its not technically a mural. Its inside the Garfield Park Conservatory which is really pretty and free! They ask for a donation from everyone and it’s a great place so do it! There is a really pretty fountain inside that is quiet, calming, and photographs well. Spend some time wandering here and just taking it all in.

6. Federales Wings

180 N. Morgan Street

These are wings located right outside the Federales Bar and I loved them! They have an edgy rocker vibe to them, with an intricate blue black design.

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